When disaster strikes Sky City and the town’s leaders can’t cope, their own house pets boldly rocket into action—as the Jet Pack Pets!

Our heroes, Princess, Rocky and Bix possess no super powers of any kind. What they do have is the absolute bond of loyalty that exists between every pet and its owner.

And what owners they are! Mayor Wigby, Fire Chief Pringle and Police Captain Swerdlow may be the most bumbling trio of civil servants to ever hold elected office! 


Whether it’s a simple weenie roast or an all-out assault on the city by a deranged magician’s rabbit, the Jet Pack Pets’ owners can be counted on to make a mess of things.

Luckily, their beloved animal companions are always on hand to save the day, each equipped with a hi-tech jetpack by the mysterious Professor Backfire, and no matter how glaringly obvious it may be, Wigby, Pringle and Swerdlow don’t have the slightest suspicion that their simple little buddies are actually the heroic Jet Pack Pets!