Michael Stewart

Writer Michael Stewart named the Jet Pack Pets' Bix after his own pet. Strangely enough, his Bix was a dog. To further confuse matters, he did have a cat, but her name was Roxy. Michael has never owned a turtle at all. As of this writing, none of his pets has ever been able to fly. As an Associate Creative Director at Marvel Comics, Michael edited the company's licensed publishing and custom comics. He has also written for Entertainment Weekly magazine and has a dozen children's books to his credit. Michael lives in central New Jersey with his wife Barbara and their two kids, Sam and Lucy. So far neither of the kids can fly either. 

Contact Michael Stewart: mikestewart@jetpackpets.com


Garry Black

As a New York City based artist/creator, Garry Black is used to super heroes. At Marvel Comics, Garry worked with some of the biggest names in super heroes, but nothing compares to the high-flying jet-packed heroes! The Jet Pack Pets take it upon themselves to protect Sky City, never resorting to violence, rather using their heads or calling upon friends with special skills or talents to help them. Garry is proud of the Jet Pack Pets' tireless efforts to keep Sky City safe, but wonders why he keeps coming up with new villains for them to face.